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Bateig Fantasia Bateig Fantasia


BATEIG stone is a biocalcarenite extracted in Alicante Province (Spain) which is used as an ornamental stone in both new-build construction as well as cladding for existing buildings of note.

The stone has received a seal of quality conferred upon it by the Applied Petrology Laboratory at the University of Alicante, which has studied its petrology and physical characteristics in depth.

The stone is remarkable due to its mechanical properties as well as its high level of homogeneity in colour which is maintained throughout. Bateig stone is also noteworthy for its outstanding behaviour under freeze-thaw conditions.

Type (MIA) Bajo Density (g/cm3) 2,15
Porosity 7-0,005 ium (%) 20,08 A. absorption (%) 6,4
Porosity 200-7 ium (%) 0,32 Compression Resistance (Mpa) 27,9
Mineral cal,c Rupture Module (Mpa)(*) 8,47
Chem. Comp.   % Weight Loss frost resistance 0,05
  CaCO3 (%) 85 Compression Resistance (Mpa)(*)(1) 29,2
  MgCO3 (%) >1 Sound Velocity (m/s) 3211